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Open a door to Business-to Business Sales-company?


Open a door to Business to Business ( B2B ) Sales?

Many people may have considered starting a job in Business to Business (B2B) sales company.

Certainly, one of the reasons for the interest of friends and acquaintances is to make Business-to-Business sales work quite well. Normal salary, depending on sales results, adds monthly, quarterly, and annual bonuses.

And there is no need often to worry about the car, as Sales- representatives can often use, a supplied by Company, car for personal use. Same story with a smartphone, laptop.

In addition to material motivators, close communication with different people may be thought to be appropriate, and stress tolerance is also high. These features also seem to fit well with sales.

Is all this above true? The answer may be: yeah, for the most part, yes.

But this is one side of sales.

Certainly, the prospective employer expects the candidate to do something about these benefits.

In addition, he / she will evaluate what the candidate could bring to the company before starting work.

If the candidate has too little to bring along, the door remains closed to the company.

The best thing a candidate could bring is a good CV with previous successful work experience in another Business-to-Business business. Completed education, either higher or at least upper secondary school is also a norm. As well as being proficient in foreign languages, in addition to the local language, it is usually enough to have an English-speaking level. However, the ears of the employer are particularly high when he notices the CV reading that the candidate can communicate in Russian in East-Europe markets . Meanwhile, good, experienced sales people are moving a little. If a Business-to-Business sales company values their work, they try to motivate them to stay in the company. There are " Buying-over" cases, but this is an exception, and the author is skeptical about the method of getting good salesmen.

However, due to the low mobility of experienced salespeople, the rapid development of the economies in last years, candidates with no previous sales experience also have good opportunities to enter the area.

And it is here that educational and personal qualities (which create potential for development in sales) prove decisive.

Before analyzing in more detail the education and personality qualities that are needed, we look at the jobs in smaller and also the average sales company, selling Business-to-Business products, could offer (bypassing the key employees and accounting, financial reporting staff):

• Sales- representatives (active customer relationship creation, sales)

• Consultant-sellers (for example, product managers, etc., very good knowledge of the field being sold, ability to develop customer-based solutions, find substitutions, assess quality issues)

• Support-staff (secretaries, assistants, marketing, etc.)

• Purchase, purchase (purchase, etc.) of goods

• Warehouse- and logistics personnel

The sales company manages itself through sales. Direct sales are generated by Sales-representatives and Consultant-sellers. Their job is to find, maintain and comprehensively support customers-buyers.

In this work, they rely on sales support staff and purchase, warehouse, logistics. All these links are interconnected and should work together as a good orchestra. If someone is playing too often the wrong notes, the collusion is corrupted and customers are gradually giving up the music (purchases) of that company.

People with suitable personality traits should be able to stand as Sales- representatives: openness to communication, customer visits, relatively good stress tolerance, ability to look at things from a customer point of view, accuracy, and also a relatively strong performance need. But also the ability to work with a team, ask and get help from other team members. In the Sales- representative, the theory is called them as "Hunter".

Special education comes in handy, but not necessarily required, personality traits, natural skill to create and maintain relationships, creative approach to sales process, intuition are essential.

Consulting- sellers primarily sell through their in-depth knowledge. They are the good keepers, growers, developers of the searched-for-business opportunities sought by Sales- representatives.

It is they who secure lasting, long-term business relationships in the B2B sales process.

In sales theory, the Consultant-seller is a synonym for "Farmer".

Particularly necessary personality traits here are thoroughness, analytical ability, ability to explain complex solutions easily, friendliness. It is important to to them to have good cooperation with Sales - representatives to support them on a knowledge-based basis.

Industry-specific or close special education is very, very necessary here.

In the best case, Sales- representatives and Consultants-sellers are well-established tandem, where the Sales - representative's active sales activities are supported by Consultants-sellers selling knowledge-based solutions, and by Sales-representatives selling Consultant – sellers knowledge, and making Consultative-sellers visible to the market. The picture clearly shows where Sales - representatives and Consultant-sellers with different personality traits complement each other and together form an ideal whole for the sale of products and services.

Occasionally, in case of good luck, you can find sales staff from the labor market where both types of Sales-representatives and Consultant-sellers are concentrated in one person.

Let's name them here at „Challenger“. One or two “Challenger” type sales-persons in the company can have a very strong, positive impact on sales, branding. To be born, to become a "Challenger" is the best thing that could get a salesman. In this case, the company only needs a wise, motivational leadership and good support staff, warehouse and logistics to be a complete success.

Sales - support staff must provide the necessary support and sales - management processes.

Suitable for decent, accurate, friendly people.

Special education also comes in handy (working with documents, administration, etc.) but it can also be replaced by previous work practices of the same content.

We do not analyze the purchase work here (there are separate employees in larger companies, medium-sized companies, managers, secretaries-assistants work in other companies next to the purchase)

Warehouse -logistics deals with the reception and storage of goods purchased for sale. But also for the sale of goods, dispatch to customers. Including transport- management.

Work in the warehouse requires physical work, precision, speed, and a friendly team to work with.

Special education (logistics) is relatively indispensable for the warehouse manager, with basic education often enough for goods handlers.

So, from a modern Business-to-Business (B2B) sales company, different jobs can be found and people with different personality qualities can get involved.

It is important to have a good start and hard-pushing!

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