Tarmo Riit
Tarmo Riit

Marketing automation in base of SALESmanago platform

We provide marketing automation training based on the SALESmanago platform.

Marketing automation does not replace face-to-face communication and traditional marketing channels, but frees marketing staff from routine processes, ensures consistency and ability to communicate marketing messages to a growing potential customer base, increases the likelihood of converting potential customers into sales leads and increasing sales.

Originally focused on e-marketing (email marketing) automation, marketing automation now combines the extensive use of automation and analytics tools in internet marketing.

Marketing automation refers to the software that automates your marketing for you. The software is designed to help you to prioritize and execute your marketing tasks in a more streamlined and efficient way. It will free up some of your time, while not compromising the authenticity of the content you are producing.

The software uses tracking codes in social media, E-mail and WEB-pages, etc. to track behaviour of anyone interested in a product or service- to gain a measure of intent. Multiple link analyses can then track buyer behaviour. This allows to achieve a more accurately targeted audience and to develop an advertising program that responds to consumer interests.

This allows businesses to more efficiently and effectively reach targeted customers who show through their online activity that they are interested in the information and/or purchase of the product.

A marketing automation solution constitutes the following 4 functions: campaign management, sales enablement, lead management, and data and analytics. Marketing automation solutions differentiate from marketing process automation solutions, customer relationship management, digital asset management, and email marketing software. Marketing automation solutions serve the small- and medium-sized business segment and the enterprise segment. A marketing automation solution is a global technology.

SALESmanago is on the road to become European Automation Champion. Marketing automation platform from SALESmanago is helping almost 2000 companies from 40 countries.

Training course: Tarmo Riit. Marketing automation in base of SALESmanago platform, in Estonian
Price: 79 € (Exl.. VAT) in Tallinn, Öpiku hause , Valukoja 8 or as contracted in Customer place
Location & date: Date as contracted,Tallinn, Öpiku hause , Valukoja 8 or in Customer place
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