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Joined with Tarmo Riit Management Consulting as a member of the Extended Team from 11.2019.


Tuuli has completed studies in Royal Holloway University of London and Tallinn University of Technology. With a BA degree in politics and international relations and an MBA in International Business Administration-Tuuli has focused her efforts to become a professional in the field of interntional business development. She has focused her main attention on project coordination and strategic analysis, looking to conduct analysis of company operations and implementing solutions that help to achieve results more efficiently.


The key to project coordination is the managment of company resources: both employees and finances. To implement best-practice procedures and strategic change Tuuli will analyse the know-how of the team, operational systems and will map the problems that need to be solved. Through conducting a business review of people and business finances to the goals that need to be achieved-a new development strategy can be outlined and implemented.


Tuuli is an advisory consultant for Tarmo Riit Management Consulting company. Tuuli will deal with team efficiency analysis, operational reviews (looking for best daily procedures) and strategic analysis that will help the company to implement necessary changes and to focus on the goals they have outlined. The main focus is for the key people to be in the right positions to move tasks forward quickly and efficiently. From there the company can focus on creating best-practice procedures and reaching revenue targets.


 Team efficiency review


 Review of daily operations and problems


 Strategic analysis and plan for new solutions


 Implementing the plan: what to change and how to change it


 Reaching outlined goals


Tuuli is currently working for Holland Mountain company in London. Her role is focused on administrative reporting and project coordination. Tuuli is using her communication skills and strategic analysis to better integrate the communication between key people and to support client delivery teams. Previously Tuuli has worked as and operations adminstrator for Allied Universal in London. Her background has supported Tuuli in developing reporting skills, analytical skills and communication skills to create an organised and efficient working environment.


Please contact me if you wish to consult on any of the above mentioned operations reviews or if you wish to discuss how to optimize or change your business strategy.


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