Sales-strategy trainings

Creating a Team-based sales culture in business to business sales

We provide Business to business targeted Sales strategy- and Team-building trainings. There will be no matter how good your product is, or how hard you push, if you don’t have the best sales team, you will not get Your maximum-possible result. But what do we mean by “the best sales team”? We mean reall y a world class.

There are 10-steps to build really effective B2B Sales-team:

  • Hire the right people
  • Encourage diversity
  • Lose the wrong people quickly 
  • Get the best tools 
  • Train your team thoroughly  
  • Set the right targets 
  • Sort your KPIs
  • Communicate
  • Be a team
  • Grow together 




Training course: Tarmo Riit., Creating a Team-based sales culture in Business to Business sales, in Estonian
Price: 189 € (Exl.. VAT)
Location & date: 19.12..2019, 09:00 - 16:00, SA Tallinna Teaduspark Tehnopol
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