Training programs for managers and sales teams

Training Programs for Management- and Sales- Teams


The company's development has stalled? Sales do not meet expectations? Does the sales team need a new view of the sales process?


Tarmo Riit Management Consulting OÜ introduces itself to the company's mission, vision, and values. To the strategy, marketing, and current business process. With tools used by the sales team. Proposes changes in both- management and sales. In cooperation with the company, prepares company-specific and development-oriented trainings for management and sales teams. Conducts trainings in the company, either only for the management or the sales team. If necessary, for both.

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Management should contribute to building a functioning marketing-process in the company and an effective sales team. Take care of the optimal structure of the company, of the whole business process.

The customer-centric sales process should be supported by an excellent knowledge of the sales company's own internal processes, mission, vision, and values. But also by defining the employees who belong to the customer's decision-making circle. Activities aimed at long-term partnerships must be valued. Move towards the desired goal step by step. To be an understander, creator, presenter of customer-centric values. The ability to listen carefully must be developed.





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