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Tarmo Riit Management Consulting OÜ handles comprehensive management services for B2B companies. You can also order only marketing- or sales management.

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As a logical part of our  management service (change management) of Company / Marketing / Sales,

we provide our Permanent Manager search service at the appropriate stage of our management

with the effective Integration of the selected Manager into the company processes during the transition period.

Whether as a CEO, Marketing manager or Sales team leader.

Interim assignments vary in scope and requirements, encompassing change management, ‘gap’ assignments, project management and turnaround management.

The following stages of the ‘assignment lifecycle’ are typical of how Tarmo Riit Management Consulting enter into an assignment, reach and carry out the actual implementation.

Where appropriate, Tarmo Riit Management Consulting, in cooperation with the client, will conduct a search for a permanent Manager and help him / her integrate into the company.

This ends Tarmo Riit Management Consulting's Interim management service and finally he exit the assignment.

The assignment should include a plan for making resources available to meet the longer-term goals.

The early stages of our Interim management have a lot in common with consulting and the later stages of project management, but the peculiarity of Interim management is the responsibility of the Interim manager Tarmo Riit Management Consulting to successfully analyze and generate the appropriate solution.


Tarmo Riit Management Consulting Interim management stages:

 1. Entry.

The potential client and Tarmo Riit Management Consulting communicate and discuss the requirements to a sufficient degree to enable the client to determine whether it is necessary to engage an Interim manager to address the situation.

This probably includes an 'initial' estimate of what the customer thinks they want, as well as an estimate of the extent of our work.

This will probably include due diligence and an interview process to ensure that we, as an Interim manager, are fit for the company.

Typically, one or more initial meetings will be held at this stage and will end with the temporary involvement of Tarmo Riit Management Consulting as the Interim Manager.

 2. Diagnosis.

We will study the current situation to understand it and identify the reasons for it and the demands of the various stakeholders.

This stage develops a more detailed picture of the 'real state of affairs' and approaches to deal with it.

At this stage, there may be more questions or problems than the customer initially stated.

In the event of an incident, such diagnostics may occur simultaneously with the resolution of immediate problems.

In most cases, the diagnostic phase takes a few days.

 3. Proposal.

We are presenting a more detailed proposal that serves the purpose and plan of the Interim management task.

This may differ significantly from the initial plans defined in the first stage.

The proposal may include new proposals that we consider relevant, various requirements, or a proposal for a possible termination of the Management function.

It may be that our 'suggestion' is at odds with the customer's perception of the situation as it relies on our expertise.

We are committed to offering the most likely solution, not necessarily the one originally requested.

In the case of an interim management task, such a proposal may also be simply a schematic plan for the interim manager to work as a 'company-safe manager'.

 4. Implementation.

We manage the intervention, project or solution, monitor its progress and provide periodic feedback to the client. At this stage, the client has the opportunity to make sure that we have the expertise, responsibility and effectiveness that we need. Depending on the task, we are as close to the situation as we need, while remaining an independent specialist. We can manage teams and projects, deal with crises and changes, or simply ‘hold the fort'.

 5. Exit.

Towards the end of the project, we ensure the achievement of goals and customer satisfaction.

This step may include 'knowledge transfer and training', headhunting and onboarding a permanent Manager, and 'sharing what has been learned' with the permanent Manager during the process.

We focus on the success of the task, not the length of our employment, which allows us to carry out this phase in a professional and objective manner.

The relationship between us and the customer in terms of Interim management is coming to an end.´


Later, Tarmo Riit Management Consulting is ready to act as a temporary Business consultant in the interest of the client.








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