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Tarmo Riit Management Consulting OÜ offers management consultations to B2B small and medium-sized companies in all areas related to business:

Business Development Consulting

Business Process Consulting

Business- & Sales Strategy Consulting

Effective-team Developing Consulting

Brand Awareness- and Positioning Consulting

Marketing Strategy- and Tactics Consulting


Management Consulting Packages and Prices...

 We use our expertise and proven skills to help our clients to improve their Businesses, including Management strategies and Organizational structure. In our work, we move in depth; when mapping the situation, we involve all levels of our client's staff. This is to objectively assess potentials, challenges and successes and failures to date. We map the situation, analyze it and highlight the detailed needs for change. In cooperation with the Management, we develop the necessary plans to implement the changes. We advise the company's Management on an ongoing basis, and in case of need, we include our Experience training targeted to Management. Our priority is to help Management meet the company's goals more effectively, expand business opportunities, cope with crises and implement transformative solutions. The solutions we offer are based on our long-term experience, which is adapted to a customer solution that takes into account each specific situation during the work. If necessary, we take a temporary management responsibility of the company or its subdivision through Interim management.


Brief descriptions of management consulting packages



Standard consulting package


This package is aimed at individuals and business owners who need independent advice and consultation from an expert in the field.

In order to achieve your goals faster and increase business success.

The SILVER standard consulting package includes 2 separate and 2- to 3-hour lasting consultation meetings per month  to discuss business- and marketing strategies and collaborate on selected projects.

Consultation meetings can include meetings with the company's sales staff, development of selected projects,events, team meetings, business process consulting, practical trainings, and more.

In addition, if interested in the SILVER consulting package, Tarmo Riit can personally register you for a 1-hour free first consultation to first discuss your business problems.

The SILVER consulting package also includes the handling of documents sent by e-mail, analysis in order to provide advice and draw attention to problems.

This package is the foundation for success and creates professional initial contact between the parties.



Customer-specific consulting package

 This package is intended for individuals and business owners who want to establish a more permanent cooperation with an external expert of the company and who need significant changes in the activities of their company.

It is a customer-specific package designed to meet the most important needs of the customer.

The GOLD package offers considerably more added value by Tarmo Riit in designing and consulting business-related activities.

The tailor-made package is intended primarily for the management of organizations with a clear commitment to problem-solving, who are determined to obtain an independent expert assessment of perceived business problems, and then have guidelines for making the necessary changes.

The GOLD package includes 4 separate and 2- to 3-hour lasting consultation meetings per month and, in addition, 1 organized event or team training per quarter.

In addition, if interested in the GOLD customized consulting package, Tarmo Riit can personally register you for a 1-hour free first consultation to first discuss your business issues.

The GOLD customized advice package also includes the handling of documents sent by e-mail, analysis in order to provide advice and draw attention to problems.

If necessary, Tarmo Riit participates in sales team meetings, meetings with strategic partners, etc. to help achieve the set business goals.

The customized consulting package can also be designed to include on-site customer service, participation in conferences or meetings, participation in customer events.

Joining the Tarmo Riit GOLD custom package will grow your business, market share and boost your brand!



Follow - up package


The ADVISOR package is intended only for clients who have previously completed SILVER or GOLD consulting packages with us and includes continuous, periodic consulting services, but in a reduced volume.

The package includes monthly meetings to review all aspects of the company and provide knowledge and feedback on current and long-term business, marketing, sales, business development, partnerships and more.

The ADVISOR agreement and continuous cooperation enable us to allocate time and resources for continuous consulting of the client in order to help ensure the client's business goals. The ADVISOR follow-up agreement allows you and your company to constantly receive from us the solutions you need and suggestions for possible changes.



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