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B2B business management, business process, marketing- and sales consulting.

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Tarmo Riit Management Consulting OÜ offers management consultations to B2B small and medium-sized companies in all areas related to business:

Business Development Consulting

Business Process Consulting

Business- & Sales Strategy Consulting

Effective-team Developing Consulting

Brand Awareness- and Positioning Consulting

Marketing Strategy- and Tactics Consulting

 We use our expertise and proven skills to help our clients to improve their Businesses, including Management strategies and Organizational structure. In our work, we move in depth; when mapping the situation, we involve all levels of our client's staff. This is to objectively assess potentials, challenges and successes and failures to date. We map the situation, analyze it and highlight the detailed needs for change. In cooperation with the Management, we develop the necessary plans to implement the changes. We advise the company's Management on an ongoing basis, and in case of need, we include our Experience training targeted to Management. Our priority is to help Management meet the company's goals more effectively, expand business opportunities, cope with crises and implement transformative solutions. The solutions we offer are based on our long-term experience, which is adapted to a customer solution that takes into account each specific situation during the work. If necessary, we take a temporary management responsibility of the company or its subdivision through Interim management.




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