Tarmo Riit
Tarmo Riit

B2B International Marketing management

We offer outsourced international Marketing management Pan-Baltic services in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This is a reasonable solution for Partners who have activities and sales targets in Pan-Baltic markets and who are looking for optimal, professional solution.

We have 26 years Pan-Baltic wide marketing expertise, skills in collaboration with Swedish and German companies.

Outsourcing from us allows you to tap into expertise at costs that are proportionate to the work involved. It also gives you the flexibility to handle spikes in the workload allowing you to bolster resources when you need to. In an outsourcing scenario we will commit an agreed amount of time and range of services to your business. We will quickly develop an in-depth knowledge of your products and services, industry and the challenges you face. We will then apply this knowledge holistically across all areas of your marketing activity meaning that you can avoid re-briefing a different party each time a new project arises.

In the base of marketing management contracts in the Baltic states we are offering:

• Analysis to define a local-market needs

• Marketing strategy-definition

• Performances strategy planning

• Implementation marketing plan, marketing-roadmap creation

• Implementation of operational marketing such as

pricing, discounted price-politics, campaigns price-politics, promotions, advertising,

Customer-service issues, customer-segments communication and public relation issues

• Exhibition stands planning and production

• Product-samples and sample-panels production

• Translations

• Printed-materials production

• WEB-marketing, marketing automation

• Pan-Baltic Internationalization

• Branding

Specialised marketing services we outsource from tested Pan-Baltic professional service-providers as from different Baltic marketing Agencies, translators, printing plants, construction-producers etc.

We will keep things well-run and simple for you via our Marketing management complete package.


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