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Marketing- and Sales processes analyse and solutions

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Do you need a renew marketing/sales processes for your company?

Auditing and optimization of the B2B company process, structure, responsibilities.

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Tarmo Riit Management Consulting OÜ will be happy to help you to create company-specific, optimal business processes! Usually, there are problems with an incomplete description of the company's business processes or difficulties in implementing the business processes described.

Prices for business process consulting are included in the prices for management consulting packages…

Is there a little ambiguity in the company about who should perform their duties in the business process, how and when?

Perhaps it suddenly turns out that the promised answer, the goods, the necessary documents were not sent to the customer because this was expected to be done by colleague probably? But the colleague was sick at the moment, or wasn't he sure he had to deal with the problem?


Or are you, as a responsible manager, are worried about because you feel like some employees are clearly under-loaded?


In the face of ever-increasing competition, there is a constant need to distinguish positively from competitors.


It is increasingly difficult to differentiate via pricing or the significantly better features of products.


However, there are very good opportunities to differentiate and create a clear competitive advantage through optimal and customer friendly business processes.


Tarmo Riit Management Consulting OÜ is happy to help you create the optimal business processes for your business!


Usually the problems are a lack of description of the business processes of the company or difficulties in implementing the business processes described in practice.


We focus on analyzing and optimizing the architecture of existing business processes (including conceptual ones), reviewing processes, and incorporating company goals and requirements into our improvement proposals. The enterprise process architecture that is created together with the company's management describes in detail the processes of the entire enterprise. Via initial mapping, you can use the process architecture to align your business processes to your goals. Modeling your processes in collaboration with us is related to how processes should start to run efficiently, while mapping processes involves creating a snapshot of the current situation.


This documentation process is about what the company does, why it does what, what is standard of business conduct, who is responsible, and when and how the different steps take place. Business process mapping promotes transparency not only within the company but for all stakeholders.


There are many reasons why companies decide to map their business processes. The benefits, especially in the digital age, are many.



Here are some reasons why a company can benefit from high-quality process mapping:


- Allows all parties to see the process in the same way.


- Reduces procedural errors.


- Builds understanding between areas that are cross-functional to ensure teamwork.


- Helps everyone see the current state.


- Enables the development of metrics.


- Reduces gaps, mistakes in the work of the company, even when employees are absent.


- Allows a fair and optimal loading of employees.



The main specific criteria that we take into account when mapping, optimizing and modelling business processes by Tarmo Riit Management Consulting OÜ are:


- Commitments


- Goals


- Activities


- Inputs


- Outputs


- Clients


- Risks and control


- Key Performance Indicators


We analyze and evaluate and map, then model and design a specific, optimal business process.


1.Our service starts with describing an existing business process through compiling (mapping) a company sales audit.


2. Together with the management of the company, we analyze the sales audit and our suggestions for improvement and then develop the optimal business process for the company with the necessary modelling, diagrams, descriptions.


3.Tarmo Riit Management Consulting OÜ is happy to participate in the implementation of the updated business process either as a business consultant or as a temporary mobile manager in some areas.



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