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Tarmo Riit Management Consulting B2B Full Business Marketing Service


B2B Marketing services in the Baltics, Belarus, Ukraine. Marketing auditing, Marketing strategies, Marketing plans, Marketing management,

Advertisements, Billboards, Printed matter, PR.


The prices of marketing-related consultations are included in the prices of management consulting packages...


We provide Marketing services to Small and Medium business-to-business (B2B) sales companies in:


- Estonia

- Latvia

- Lithuania

- Belarus

- Ukraine


Our Marketing service is a sensible solution for partners who have activities and sales targets in the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Belarusian or Ukrainian markets and are looking for an optimal, professional Marketing service.

We have 26 years of marketing experience in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, etc., in cooperation with Swedish and German companies.


Our outsourcing allows you to use our experience at a cost commensurate with the work done. This gives you flexibility and professionalism, allowing you to save on the marketing resources of your company. In the outsourcing scenario, we will provide Marketing services to your company on an agreed schedule. We will be aware of your products and services, your industry as a whole, and your development strategy. Then we will fully apply this knowledge through our Marketing services in all Marketing activities related to you.

Under Marketing service agreements for the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Belarussian, or Ukrainian markets, we provide our Marketing services to small and medium business-to-business (B2B) Sales companies:


• Preparation of Marketing audit to determine and analyse Marketing situation

• Definition of Marketing strategy

• Developing a portfolio of Marketing tactics to implement your Marketing strategy based on the "7P Marketing Mix" principles using a reasonable combination of "OFFLINE" and "ONLINE" tactics

• Selection of levers for current Marketing tactics

• Developing a Marketing plan (budget)


• Developing a Marketing calendar plan


• Marketing Management service to implement your Marketing plan in accordance with your Calendar plan


As auxiliary Marketing activities we carry out:

• Design and production of Billboards

• Design and production of Exhibition stands

• Translations

• Production of Printed materials

For some specialized Marketing services we use proven Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Belarusian, Ukrainian Professional Subcontractors, such as Marketing agencies, Interpreters, Printers, Design manufacturers, etc.

 With our Marketing services and Marketing Management Service, we keep things well-managed and simple for you.


We hope we can help you too!


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