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Find out how the STRUCTURE, ROLES, PROCESS RESTART consulting service is related to our other sales consulting services.

The STRUCTURE, ROLES, PROCESS RESTART module is part of my services and is suitable for companies

A. Who has already used my SALES RESTART service and has decided to go deeper and get a detailed solution in terms of renewing the structure, process, and roles related to sales.

B. Who are sure that ordering the STRUCTURE, ROLES, PROCESS RESTART module separately will solve the bottlenecks related to the company's sales.


We will do this in four steps.

First contact me by phone (+372 5094 786) or fill out the contact form on my website. Let's make an appointment to talk briefly about your situation and whether the STRUCTURE, ROLES, PROCESS RESTART consulting service is right for you or not. I assume you want to increase your market share through a more efficient sales force…

Second, we will send/receive the raw materials from you:

- You will receive a contract by email (to sign and return)

- In addition to the basic list of materials that we collect (the obligation not to disclose the materials is already included in the agreement that we have signed to ensure the confidentiality of your company.)

- Once you have officially confirmed our engagement, we will send you an advance invoice.

- After receiving the payment, we expect that you will first send us a list of all sales-related employees (sales, support staff, logistics), including CEOs, so that we can send a list of the required initial materials, questionnaires.

- During the next 1 week, we will provide you with a detailed list of the materials we need, prepared questionnaires in order to carry out/ issue high-quality research, analyses, findings, proposals.

- During the next 2 weeks, we expect to receive all the collected materials/completed questionnaires requested by us.

Third, we do most of our research and share our findings with you.

This will take at least 3 weeks, but usually 4-6 weeks (depending on your schedule). You control the pace of work execution. During this time we have accounted for at least three different meetings and discussions. There is enough time between tasks related to completing the module to analyze and make decisions. After each meeting, you will receive a summary of the next steps for both parties, including important internal steps.

Topics we cover in detail in our STRUCTURE, ROLES, PROCESS RESTART consultation service:

1. Structure related to the sale of the company

2. Sales and support staff roles, job descriptions.

3. Sales process and its connection with marketing

In the course of the work, as a result of the findings, it may become clear that it is necessary to emphasize one or another topic. For example, it is possible to improve low sales ability by adding a role related to active sales to the structure, or by better structuring the roles of sales and support staff, etc.

At the end of the work, we will provide you with the current STRUCTURE, ROLES, PROCESS report of the company, a list of elements that we think work well in the structure, roles, process, and our detailed change proposals/descriptions/diagrams with reasons.

Fourth, I advise you during the implementation of the final selected changes. I will help you by telephone or e-mail with brief comments for up to six months (unlimited communications) or with five important, previously prepared problem packages, telephone or online calls, whichever comes first.

You will start to see positive changes already at the beginning of the cooperation. In fact, the very collection of materials helps the management to see the structure, process, roles related to the company's sales from a new point of view compared to the previous one. The actual implementation of changes usually requires determination from the management and intelligent overcoming of possible opposition within the company. Some changes can be implemented quickly and others can take up to eighteen months. The recommendation is to find a balance between the possible positive effect and the accompanying short-term disturbances, which I try to minimize as much as possible with my advice.

Provision of service.

Communication. Online, meetings at the client's place, in exceptional cases in conference rooms rented by us (the rental fee is added to the cost of the service).

Durability. Four to six weeks until the report is ready, plus 6 months of follow-up advice.

Creating a schedule. In cooperation with the client within 1-3 weeks after signing the contract.

The nature of the service. Recommendations, advice and materials presented in writing and graphically, which have proven their effectiveness in my practical work and are in line with modern good practices and are carefully and precisely worded.

Consulting related to the implementation of selected changes. Up to six months, covering up to five essential telephone communications. They are based on the agenda, we assume that you prepare all the important questions at the moment and that we can handle them as a package during the agreed communication. We do not count quick phone calls and email exchanges within six months as significant communications.

Customer Participation Resource.

- Sales and support personnel, etc. collection of materials, preparation (by an authorized employee) for delivery to us approx. 3 hours.

- Sales and support staff members' conversations with us and answers to our questionnaire 30 minutes per employee.

- The director's participation in meetings with us and in the transmission of materials belonging to his competence/ a total of approximately 6-8 hours.

- Participation of management employees in meetings/communications with us - a few hours, depending on the situation.

Suitability of our service. The best use of our expertise is to start working with an ordinary sales company and make it exceptional in its field as we go along.

Our ideal client…

Manages a small-medium (1-100 people) B2B private company that sells goods or services either on the domestic market or on export markets.

The head of the company works with me directly as a decision maker, not through another employee.

Faced with sales-related structure, roles, process issues or a strategic transition that is important. I usually imagine this as a situation that keeps the manager in a constant state of stress regarding the performance of the sales team, personnel costs, or the manager's conviction deepens that the market has changed, but the company's sales team's current sales activities continue routinely according to previous practices, and the market share is shrinking.

And who hires me primarily because of my expertise (30 years of developing B2B sales companies), and not just because I'm just an outsider approving how the sales team has been doing so far.

He should be willing to let me (1) decide which symptoms are really important; (2) diagnose problems more accurately; (3) and recommend the best solutions that can lead to real change in how the sales team works, but minimize the disruption of change as much as possible.

He is ready from the beginning for open collaboration, listening and reading the transmitted materials with intense concentration, and then also implementing the changes into reality. I'm here to help, but an effective process is always a two-way street.

He understands that the reward for our service, considering its impact on the business, is small compared to the cost of continuing in the same routine.

Is open to different points of view than before, but takes enough time to understand new points of view, to match them with his beliefs, to experiment.


Cost. The cost of my STRUCTURE, ROLES, PROCESS RESTART consultation depends on the specific situation and will be revealed in the offer after the free initial consultation and clarification of the situation.


Payment. 30% advance payment, 40% at the end of the 4th week of order fulfillment - considering the date of signing the contract, 30% after order fulfillment.




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