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Tarmo Riit

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Tarmo Riit, 26 years of successful Business development for International B2B companies in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Eastern Europe, India.


B2B Business developments for different German, Scandinavian, USA, UK producers in Electrical installation-and Telecommunication Markets 1992 - 2018 y.


Founder and developer company IBR, introducing successfully in B2B, from 1992 until 1999 in Baltic markets, intelligent cable management systems, in Estonian market as well structured high-perfomance cabling-systems for buildings telecommunication-connections.


Managing director and developer OBO Bettermann GmbH & CO subsidiaries in Baltic countries from 1999 until 2018 y.

Supporter, mentor in development OBO Bettermann international businesses in different countries in Europe, Asia directions.


26 years practice in a B2B field; visions; strategies; international team-building; marketing


Motivating-leader; teacher; mentor; emphatic


Success through daily-commitment

Tarmo Riit


Management consulting


B2B management consulting


Tarmo Riit, Management Consulting is providing B2B Marketplace, Development and Recourse professional Management consulting in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, targeted to Executives.

Our consulting is a Growth consulting.


Areas of Management Consulting:

Business Development Consulting

Business Process Consulting

Business & Sales Strategy Consulting

Effective-team Developing Consulting

Brand Awareness and Positioning Consulting

Marketing Strategy and Tactics Consulting


Management Consulting Packages and Prices...

 We use our expertise and proven skills to help our clients to improve their Businesses, including Management strategies and Organizational structure. In our work, we move in depth; when mapping the situation, we involve all levels of our client's staff. This is to objectively assess potentials, challenges and successes and failures to date. We map the situation, analyze it and highlight the detailed needs for change. In cooperation with the Management, we develop the necessary plans to implement the changes. We advise the company's Management on an ongoing basis, and in case of need, we include our Experience training targeted to Management. Our priority is to help Management meet the company's goals more effectively, expand business opportunities, cope with crises and implement transformative solutions. The solutions we offer are based on our long-term experience, which is adapted to a customer solution that takes into account each specific situation during the work. If necessary, we take a temporary management responsibility of the company or its subdivision through Interim management.


Brief descriptions of management consulting packages



Standard consulting package


This package is aimed at individuals and business owners who need independent advice and consultation from an expert in the field.

In order to achieve your goals faster and increase business success.

The SILVER standard consulting package includes 2 separate and 2- to 3-hour lasting consultation meetings per month  to discuss business- and marketing strategies and collaborate on selected projects.

Consultation meetings can include meetings with the company's sales staff, development of selected projects,events, team meetings, business process consulting, practical trainings, and more.

In addition, if interested in the SILVER consulting package, Tarmo Riit can personally register you for a 1-hour free first consultation to first discuss your business problems.

The SILVER consulting package also includes the handling of documents sent by e-mail, analysis in order to provide advice and draw attention to problems.

This package is the foundation for success and creates professional initial contact between the parties.



Customer-specific consulting package

 This package is intended for individuals and business owners who want to establish a more permanent cooperation with an external expert of the company and who need significant changes in the activities of their company.

It is a customer-specific package designed to meet the most important needs of the customer.

The GOLD package offers considerably more added value by Tarmo Riit in designing and consulting business-related activities.

The tailor-made package is intended primarily for the management of organizations with a clear commitment to problem-solving, who are determined to obtain an independent expert assessment of perceived business problems, and then have guidelines for making the necessary changes.

The GOLD package includes 4 separate and 2- to 3-hour lasting consultation meetings per month and, in addition, 1 organized event or team training per quarter.

In addition, if interested in the GOLD customized consulting package, Tarmo Riit can personally register you for a 1-hour free first consultation to first discuss your business issues.

The GOLD customized advice package also includes the handling of documents sent by e-mail, analysis in order to provide advice and draw attention to problems.

If necessary, Tarmo Riit participates in sales team meetings, meetings with strategic partners, etc. to help achieve the set business goals.

The customized consulting package can also be designed to include on-site customer service, participation in conferences or meetings, participation in customer events.

Joining the Tarmo Riit GOLD custom package will grow your business, market share and boost your brand!



Follow - up package


The ADVISOR package is intended only for clients who have previously completed SILVER or GOLD consulting packages with us and includes continuous, periodic consulting services, but in a reduced volume.

The package includes monthly meetings to review all aspects of the company and provide knowledge and feedback on current and long-term business, marketing, sales, business development, partnerships and more.

The ADVISOR agreement and continuous cooperation enable us to allocate time and resources for continuous consulting of the client in order to help ensure the client's business goals. The ADVISOR follow-up agreement allows you and your company to constantly receive from us the solutions you need and suggestions for possible changes.


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Interim Management

Tarmo Riit Management Consulting B2B Interim management of Business, Marketing, Sales, Permanent manager search and integration



Tarmo Riit Management Consulting is providing professional interim management services in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine for B2B companies.


We provide complete Interim management (Transition management) for B2B companies, or you can only order Marketing- or Sales Interim management.

As a logical part of our Interim management service (change management) of Company / Marketing / Sales,

we provide our Permanent Manager search service at the appropriate stage of Interim management

with the effective Integration of the selected Manager into the company processes during the transition period.

Whether as a CEO, Marketing manager or Sales team leader.

Interim assignments vary in scope and requirements, encompassing change management, ‘gap’ assignments, project management and turnaround management.

The following stages of the ‘assignment lifecycle’ are typical of how Tarmo Riit Management Consulting enter into an assignment, reach and carry out the actual implementation.

Where appropriate, Tarmo Riit Management Consulting, in cooperation with the client, will conduct a search for a permanent Manager and help him / her integrate into the company.

This ends Tarmo Riit Management Consulting's Interim management service and finally he exit the assignment.

The assignment should include a plan for making resources available to meet the longer-term goals.

The early stages of our Interim management have a lot in common with consulting and the later stages of project management, but the peculiarity of Interim management is the responsibility of the Interim manager Tarmo Riit Management Consulting to successfully analyze and generate the appropriate solution.


Tarmo Riit Management Consulting Interim management stages:

 1. Entry.

The potential client and Tarmo Riit Management Consulting communicate and discuss the requirements to a sufficient degree to enable the client to determine whether it is necessary to engage an Interim manager to address the situation.

This probably includes an 'initial' estimate of what the customer thinks they want, as well as an estimate of the extent of our work.

This will probably include due diligence and an interview process to ensure that we, as an Interim manager, are fit for the company.

Typically, one or more initial meetings will be held at this stage and will end with the temporary involvement of Tarmo Riit Management Consulting as the Interim Manager.

 2. Diagnosis.

We will study the current situation to understand it and identify the reasons for it and the demands of the various stakeholders.

This stage develops a more detailed picture of the 'real state of affairs' and approaches to deal with it.

At this stage, there may be more questions or problems than the customer initially stated.

In the event of an incident, such diagnostics may occur simultaneously with the resolution of immediate problems.

In most cases, the diagnostic phase takes a few days.

 3. Proposal.

We are presenting a more detailed proposal that serves the purpose and plan of the Interim management task.

This may differ significantly from the initial plans defined in the first stage.

The proposal may include new proposals that we consider relevant, various requirements, or a proposal for a possible termination of the Management function.

It may be that our 'suggestion' is at odds with the customer's perception of the situation as it relies on our expertise.

We are committed to offering the most likely solution, not necessarily the one originally requested.

In the case of an interim management task, such a proposal may also be simply a schematic plan for the interim manager to work as a 'company-safe manager'.

 4. Implementation.

We manage the intervention, project or solution, monitor its progress and provide periodic feedback to the client. At this stage, the client has the opportunity to make sure that we have the expertise, responsibility and effectiveness that we need. Depending on the task, we are as close to the situation as we need, while remaining an independent specialist. We can manage teams and projects, deal with crises and changes, or simply ‘hold the fort'.

 5. Exit.

Towards the end of the project, we ensure the achievement of goals and customer satisfaction.

This step may include 'knowledge transfer and training', headhunting and onboarding a permanent Manager, and 'sharing what has been learned' with the permanent Manager during the process.

We focus on the success of the task, not the length of our employment, which allows us to carry out this phase in a professional and objective manner.

The relationship between us and the customer in terms of Interim management is coming to an end.´


Later, Tarmo Riit Management Consulting is ready to act as a temporary Business consultant in the interest of the client.



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Learn more about Permanent manager search and integration into Corporate processes...


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Business process analyse and solutions

Tarmo Riit Management Consulting B2B Business process mapping,evaluation, improvement



Tarmo Riit Management Consulting, professional B2B Business process service in Baltic, Belarus and Ukraine is providing process Architecture analysis and Development process.


The prices of business process consultations are included in the prices of management consulting packages …


Is there a little ambiguity in the Company about who should perform their duties in the Business process, how and when?

Perhaps it suddenly turns out that the promised answer, the goods, the necessary documents were not sent to the customer because this was expected to be done by colleague probably?

But the colleague was sick at the moment, or wasn't he sure he had to deal with the problem?

Or are you, as a responsible manager, are worried about because you feel like some employees are clearly under-loaded?


In the face of ever-increasing competition, there is a constant need to Differentiate positively from Competitors.

It is increasingly difficult to differentiate via pricing or the significantly better features of products.

However, there are very good opportunities to differentiate and create a clear competitive advantage through optimal and customer friendly business processes.

Tarmo Riit Management Consulting is happy to help you create the optimal Business processes for your Business!


Usually the problems are a lack of description of the Business processes of the Company or difficulties in implementing the Business processes described in practice.


We focus on analysing and optimizing the architecture of existing Business processes (including conceptual ones), reviewing processes, and incorporating company goals and requirements into our improvement proposals. The Enterprise process architecture that is created together with the Company's management describes in detail the processes of the entire enterprise. Via initial mapping, you can use the process architecture to align your business processes to your goals. Modeling our processes is related to how processes should start to run efficiently, while mapping our processes involves creating a snapshot of the current situation.

This documentation process is about what the company does, why it does what, what is standard of business conduct, who is responsible, and when and how the different steps take place. Business process mapping promotes transparency not only within the Company but for all stakeholders.


There are many reasons why Companies decide to map their Business processes.

The benefits, especially in the digital age, are many.


Here are some reasons why a Company can benefit from high-quality Process mapping:

- Allows all parties to see the process in the same way.

- Reduces procedural errors.

- Builds understanding between areas that are cross-functional to ensure teamwork.

- Helps everyone see the current state.

- Enables the development of metrics.

- Reduces gaps, mistakes in the work of the company, even when employees are absent

- Allows a fair and optimal loading of employees


The main specific criteria that we take into account when mapping, optimizing and modeling Business processes by Tarmo Riit Management Consulting are:

- Commitments

- Goals

- Activities

- Inputs

- Outputs

- Clients


- Risks and control

 - Key Performance Indicators


We analyze and evaluate and map, then model and design a specific, optimal Business process.

1.Our service starts with describing an existing Business process through compiling (mapping) a Company Sales audit.

2. Together with the Management of the Company, we analyze the Sales audit and our suggestions for improvement and then develop the optimal Business process for the company with the necessary modeling, diagrams, descriptions.

3.Tarmo Riit Management Consulting is happy to participate in the implementation of the updated Business process either as a Business consultant or as a Interim manager in some areas.

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Marketing services

Tarmo Riit Management Consulting B2B Full Business Marketing Service


B2B Marketing services in the Baltics, Belarus, Ukraine. Marketing auditing, Marketing strategies, Marketing plans, Marketing management,

Advertisements, Billboards, Printed matter, PR.


The prices of marketing-related consultations are included in the prices of management consulting packages...


We provide Marketing services to Small and Medium business-to-business (B2B) sales companies in:


- Estonia

- Latvia

- Lithuania

- Belarus

- Ukraine


Our Marketing service is a sensible solution for partners who have activities and sales targets in the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Belarusian or Ukrainian markets and are looking for an optimal, professional Marketing service.

We have 26 years of marketing experience in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, etc., in cooperation with Swedish and German companies.


Our outsourcing allows you to use our experience at a cost commensurate with the work done. This gives you flexibility and professionalism, allowing you to save on the marketing resources of your company. In the outsourcing scenario, we will provide Marketing services to your company on an agreed schedule. We will be aware of your products and services, your industry as a whole, and your development strategy. Then we will fully apply this knowledge through our Marketing services in all Marketing activities related to you.

Under Marketing service agreements for the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Belarussian, or Ukrainian markets, we provide our Marketing services to small and medium business-to-business (B2B) Sales companies:


• Preparation of Marketing audit to determine and analyse Marketing situation

• Definition of Marketing strategy

• Developing a portfolio of Marketing tactics to implement your Marketing strategy based on the "7P Marketing Mix" principles using a reasonable combination of "OFFLINE" and "ONLINE" tactics

• Selection of levers for current Marketing tactics

• Developing a Marketing plan (budget)


• Developing a Marketing calendar plan


• Marketing Management service to implement your Marketing plan in accordance with your Calendar plan


As auxiliary Marketing activities we carry out:

• Design and production of Billboards

• Design and production of Exhibition stands

• Translations

• Production of Printed materials

For some specialized Marketing services we use proven Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Belarusian, Ukrainian Professional Subcontractors, such as Marketing agencies, Interpreters, Printers, Design manufacturers, etc.

 With our Marketing services and Marketing Management Service, we keep things well-managed and simple for you.


We hope we can help you too!

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