“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.”
Steve Jobs
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Tarmo Riit

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Our consultancy services help the management of B2B companies to create and implement effective strategies, optimize business processes, expand exports, and build high-performing sales teams to achieve business growth and success. Learn more here.


We help management to identify and solve problems related to organizational strategy and management, to optimize business processes.

Improve sales and the motivation and performance of sales teams.

The effectiveness of our services is based on our 30 years of B2B business development experience in the Baltic countries, to which is added our mentoring experience in B2B business development in Eastern Europe, Asia.

Practical experience helps us quickly understand situations and introduce opportunities for change.

We focus on the sales company as a whole and offer solutions related to business development that combine company strategy, management and customer focus / mission / vision / strategy / business culture; setting and measuring sales goals; defining the duties of sales team members / recruiting / training / effectively integrating them into the sales team.



We are strategic, motivated, creative, solutions are our passion.



30 years practice in a B2B field; visions; strategies; international team- building; marketing and sales


Motivating-leader; teacher; mentor; emphatic


Success through daily-commitment

Tarmo Riit



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Organizational Strategy Consulting

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Business Process Consulting

    Business Process Consulting     Our B2B services provide professional mapping, analysis, and improvement of business processes, sales operations, structure, and management. We offer effective solutions to streamline and optimize your business operations. As an experienced business process consulting consultant, we help companies grow and expand. We help
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Leadership & Management Consulting

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Sales Consulting

  Sales Consulting   Our B2B sales performance solutions help companies achieve their sales goals and improve their sales team's motivation. We provide custom solutions tailored to each company's specific needs and take into account each salesperson's unique personality. Learn more about how we can help solve sales-related situations. To
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Market Research and Distributor Search

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Training Programs for Management- and Sales- Teams

    We offer customized B2B sales training and management training programs tailored to your business needs. Our expert coaches will work closely with you to deliver effective sales and marketing strategies that will help your company grow. Learn more about our coaching services today. The company's development has stalled?
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Tarmo Riit

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