“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.”
Steve Jobs
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Tarmo Riit

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Tarmo Riit, 26 years of successful Business development for International B2B companies in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Eastern Europe, India.


B2B Business developments for different German, Scandinavian, USA, UK producers in Electrical installation-and Telecommunication Markets 1992 - 2018 y.


Founder and developer company IBR, introducing successfully in B2B, from 1992 until 1999 in Baltic markets, intelligent cable management systems, in Estonian market as well structured high-perfomance cabling-systems for buildings telecommunication-connections.


Managing director and developer OBO Bettermann GmbH & CO subsidiaries in Baltic countries from 1999 until 2018 y.

Supporter, mentor in development OBO Bettermann international businesses in different countries in Europe, Asia directions.


26 years practice in a B2B field; visions; strategies; international team-building; marketing


Motivating-leader; teacher; mentor; emphatic


Success through daily-commitment

Tarmo Riit


Our references since 2019

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Management consulting

Tarmo Riit Management Consulting OÜ offers management consultations to B2B small- and medium- sized companies in all areas related to business: business development consulting, business process consulting, business- & sales strategy consulting, effective-team developing consulting, brand awareness- and positioning consulting, marketing strategy- and tactics consulting
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Interim management services

Tarmo Riit Management Consulting OÜ handles comprehensive management services for B2B companies. You can also order only marketing- or sales management
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Marketing- and Sales processes analyse and solutions

Tarmo Riit Management Consulting OÜ will be happy to help you to create company-specific, optimal business processes! Usually, there are problems with an incomplete description of the company's business processes or difficulties in implementing the business processes described.
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Executive- and middle managers targeted search

B2B company CEO- and middle-level manager targeted search
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Marketing services

Tarmo Riit Management Consulting OÜ Marketing service is a sensible solution for partners who have activities and sales targets in the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finlandian, Belarusian or Ukrainian markets and are looking for an optimal, professional Marketing service. We have 26 years of marketing experience in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, etc., in cooperation with Swedish and German companies.
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Training programs for management and sales teams

Tarmo Riit Management Consulting OÜ introduces itself to the company's mission, vision, and values. To the strategy, marketing, and current business process. With tools used by the sales team. Proposes changes in both- management and sales. In cooperation with the company, prepares company-specific and development-oriented trainings for management and sales teams. Conducts trainings in the company, either only for the management or the sales team. If necessary, for both.
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Sales representative agency services

Tarmo Riit Management Consulting OÜ offers professional B2B International Sales Agent services for expanding the sales and market share in selling items of technical know-how. We have 26 years of successful practice developing B2B partnerships in the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Belorussian markets. These partnerships have lead to finding and maintaining a loyal customer base that helps to build long-term B2B relations
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Tarmo Riit

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