Tarmo Riit
Our expertise Tarmo Riit & Tuuli Riit
Tarmo Riit

Our expertise Tarmo Riit & Tuuli Riit

Tarmo RiitTuuli Riit

Business analyst,

advising the company



Personal, 26 years of experience

as the CEO of international

B2B small and medium-sized sales

companies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Field of activity of companies:

B2B sale of technical goods for buildings, facilities.

Experience includes companies creation, building-up,

achievement market leaders positions

in the fields of activities in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

OBO Bettermann GmbH & CO Managing Director and

developer of Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian

subsidiaries 1999 - 2018.

Tuuli Riit graduated with a bachelor's degree from

Royal Holloway University in London in 2013 and

an MBA degree from Tallinn University of Technology in 2016.

After studying politics and international relations at

Royal Holloway University and international business management

 at Tallinn University of Technology,

Tuuli Riit focused on developing professionalism

in the field of international business.

Has been involved in project coordination and strategic analysis.

Operations Assistant 2018-2019 at Allied Universal in London.

OBO Bettermann GmbH & CO international

business development consultant and mentor

in connection with business developments

in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine,

the South Caucasus, Central Asia, India 2001-2018.

Operations Coordinator 2019 in London at Holland Mountain.

Founder and developer of

Tarmo Riit Management Consulting OÜ since 2019.

Advises Tarmo Riit Management Consulting as

a business analyst, a member of the

extended team since 11.2019.

Expertise, areas

Expertise, areas

- Developing strategies

- International relations

- Establishment, business management

- International business management

- Transition and Crisis Management

- Marketing

- Creating export strategies

- Evaluating the effectiveness of sales teams

- Designing marketing strategies and tactics

- Mapping of company processes,

  evaluation of efficiency

- Marketing and public relations management

- Strategic process analysis and change planning

  through updated business process models

- Sales and sales management

- Process and operations design

- Application of information technology

  to processes, operations

- Designing a sales environment in

  different cultural spaces

- Applying a motivating personal example

  of a leader, balancing constructive

  criticism and recognition

- Implementation of collegial teamwork

- Proactive and effective problem solving

- Experience seminars

- Financial reports, reporting in international


- Engineering knowledge












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